Our Areas of Practice

We represent employees exclusively in a full range of workplace claims throughout the State of California. These include:

Wage & Hour Claims

Denied / interrupted meal and rest breaks ∙ unpaid overtime ∙ late last checks ∙ unpaid wages ∙ denied sick pay ∙ unreimbursed mileage and expenses ∙ illegal paycheck deductions ∙ split shifts ∙ reporting time pay

Wrongful Termination

Unfair termination of employment arising out of whistleblower retaliation, discrimination, harassment or breach of contract.

Discrimination & Harassment

Mistreatment of employees based on pregnancy ∙ medical leave ∙ disability ∙ gender ∙ sexual orientation ∙ race ∙ skin color ∙ national origin ∙ religion ∙ medical condition

No Recovery = No Fee.

That means no up-front out-of-pocket payments by you. We are paid only if we win or settle your case for you. You are always paid first from any recovery.

Satisfied Clients Speak Out


Anthony K


Mr. Eugene Lee is one of the most professional persons I've ever seen. And he always went the extra mile, replying to my questions even during late hours. The best part of all, he was able to get me a good settlement amount that was way, way above what I had in mind, and pointed out to the parts I had missed. The opposite party lawyers were not match to him and the settlement process was smooth and easy. I definitely recommend him.


Lara H


Eugene Lee is an awesome attorney, and an expert in the labor division. Even with the odds against me he took a stand and won my case. The other side had hired hot shot attorneys from a very costly firm, but they were no match for Mr. Lee. I am forever grateful for his compassion, knowledge, abilities, and professionalism.


Jessica J


My lawyer Eugene Lee is THE BEST! I was worried about my case, he reassured me that he does this all time, and he has yet to lose. The time it took from beginning to end was about 2 years, and he kept me informed throughout the process. He was always giving me bits of information, and standing up for me. He got me unemployment while my case was pending. He is always available, I never hesitated to call, text, or email, and would always receive a reply. A real stand up guy, trustworthy, family man. I like the fact that he explained every step along the way, and answered any questions that I had. Thank you so much Mr. Lee for your time, research, and the fact that you cared.

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About Eugene Lee

Unlike most lawyers, I take cases to trial and win them. Over the course of more than two decades, I have obtained judgments and settlements for my clients in 97+% of my trials and administrative hearings. I have also acted as lead counsel on multiple appeals to the Court of Appeal, achieving a win-loss record of 8-0. In the process, I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients. In one particularly difficult disability discrimination trial against the County of Kern in federal court, I was lead trial counsel and was able to obtain a unanimous jury verdict on all counts, resulting in a $1.1 million judgment. After the County of Kern appealed a separate loss, I won that appeal as well, resulting in a published opinion and a rare award of attorney fees (County of Kern v. Jadwin (2011) 197 Cal.App.4th 65). I have dedicated my career to representing the most vulnerable members of society who have been victimized by their employers (note, past results do not guarantee future case outcomes).
Eugene Lee


Practice Areas:
Employment Litigation

Univ. of Michigan Law School, J.D., 1995
Harvard University, B.A., 1991

1996, New York
2005, California
2005, Central District of California
2005, Eastern District of California
2007, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
2011, Northern District of California

Shearman & Sterling (NY)
Sullivan & Cromwell (NY)
McKinsey & Company (Hong Kong/Korea)
Kim & Chang (Korea)

American Bar Association
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
California Employment Lawyers Association
Los Angeles County Bar Association
State Bar of California
State Bar of New York